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The Latest Disposable Vape

By Adriel 2 months ago 97 Views No comments


Pod Capacity: 12ml

Nicotine: 5%

Puffs: 5000

Battery Capacity: 570mAh

Feature: Prefilled, Powerful

Now Available for Preorder: iStick Rim C

By Josh Landicho 3 years ago 924 Views No comments

Now Available for Preorder: iStick Rim C with MELO 5


The new Eleaf iStick Rim C kit is a new reiteration of the iStick Rim. The Eleaf iStick Rim C mod is an external 18650 battery with a max output of 80 watts. The Eleaf iStick Rim C also has USB Type-C & 2A fast charging. The iStick Rim C mod has unique patterns and colorways constructed with distinctive molding label technology IML. The MELO 5 atomizer can use the new EC series coil heads, along with that the MELO 5 tank has an innovative dry-burn protection to stop you from getting that dry burn taste.

Preorder the iStick Rim C kit today and get 10% off

Eleaf iJust Mini Review

By Adriel 3 years ago 1680 Views No comments

Ijust Mini Review

I have constantly been pretty a fan of the iJust kits, and I have tried a few. Eleaf tend to exchange the exterior plan add a new coil or two and name it a new kit. Really, this is simply a scaled down model of the preceding ones, with… yep you guessed it, another new coil, and a ton of excellent safety features!

Eleaf Trance Max Review

By Adriel 3 years ago 1489 Views No comments

Eleaf Trance Max Review

A Look at the Contents

Inside the container we have the Tance Max mod and refillable unit/cartridge sitting in a Styrofoam holder, and underneath that you'll discover the extras this gadget accompanies, which incorporate a USB-C charging link, an extra curl head, client manual and several little o-rings for the loop heads. This is the third unit framework highlighting USB-C similarity I've assessed in the most recent month, which is certainly amazing. I didn't anticipate that producers should receive the new standard so rapidly, however it's pleasant to see that they have.

Eleaf iStick Rim Review

By Josh Landicho 3 years ago 1336 Views No comments

Eleaf iStick Rim 80W with Melo 5 Tank

The Eleaf iStick Rim Kit is coming with its elegant appearance. The Eleaf iStick Rimcomes with a Eleaf iStick Rim 80W battery and a Melo 5 Atomizer. The iStick Rim features built-in 3000mAh battery, anti-dry-burn mechanism and innovative QC3.0 quick charge system which makes the Eleaf iStick Rim MOD a real advanced device with 40 minutes charging time.

The Melo 5 Tank features top childproof system and bottom liquid lock design. The new EC SS316L Mesh coil brings huge cloud and flavourful taste.

Now Available for Preorder: Turbine Tank, ROTOR Atomizer

By Josh Landicho 3 years ago 1091 Views No comments

Now Available for Preorder: Eleaf ROTOR Atomizer


The ROTOR tank is the first Eleaf atomizer that utilizes a turbine system in the new Eleaf HW-T coil. There is a small propeller in the HW-T coil head, which makes the Eleaf ROTOR tank unique. The propeller creates turbulence and swirl within the airflow. With this system, the vapor is more consistently distributed which in turns delivers a better flavor. The ROTOR atomizer also prevents spit back with the HW-T turbine catching the vapor droplets that aren’t properly atomized. The ROTOR is also solidly designed with a child resistant lock system to prevent accidental opening, while still having a convenient and easy top refilling system.

Preorder the ROTOR atomizer today and get 10% off.

Now Available: iCare Flask

By Josh Landicho 3 years ago 1137 Views No comments

Now Available: iCare Flask


The newest device from the iCare device family is finally here and it’s the iCare Flask. The Eleaf iCare Flask is a simple and compact mod. The Eleaf iCare Flask mod is small and compact for you to take along with you in your pocket or in your bag. The iCare Flask has a built in 520mAh battery. The iCare Flask kit keeps its stealth design with a magnetic and recessive tank. Keeping with its stealth look, the Eleaf iCare Flask has a button free operation, just inhale and you’re good to go.

Order the Eleaf iCare Flask kit toda and get 10% off

Now Available: Tance & Tance Max

By Josh Landicho 3 years ago 1012 Views No comments

Now Available: Eleaf Tance & Eleaf Tance Max


The newest eleaf pod systems, the Tance & Tance Max. The Eleaf Tance Max pod system is an 1100mah battery that can fire up to 15W, while the Eleaf Tance pod system is a smaller pod system with being a 580mah battery that fires up to 10W. Both the Tance Max kit and Tance kit have Type-C USB charging. The Tance Max pod system and Tance pod system are both decorated with IML panels to boast a unique pattern and design. With the different innovations of both the Tance Max and Tance, their pods have a new innovative rotary filling and leak proof design. Tance Max modand Tance mod’s pods have two different kinds of intake airflow.

Order the Eleaf Tance Max kit and Eleaf Tance today!

Eleaf iStick Mix Kit

By Josh Landicho 3 years ago 1149 Views No comments

Eleaf iStick Mix. It’s a beautiful looking box mod with a great Ello Pop tank to match.

This device not only looks great but also comes with some cool features built in so I was very excited to try it out for myself. In this Eleaf iStick Mix Kit review I’m going to go over everything you need to know so that you can decide for yourself if this is the kit for you.

The iStick Mix uses Eleaf’s Avatar chipset and uses USB-C for quicker and more efficient charging. To power this baby up you will need two 18650 batteries and it will fire at up to 160 watts. In addition to power mode you also get Temperature Control

Get your at https://www.eleafus.com/

The Newest iJust Device is Here!

By Josh Landicho 3 years ago 1332 Views No comments

Now Available for Preorder: Eleaf iJust MINI


The newest iJust in the iJust series, the Eleaf iJust MINI kit. The Eleaf iJust MINI is the smallest tube mod to come, with a 1100mAh battery, a long lasting vape. The Eleaf iJust MINI mod introduces the newest GT coils which are a thread free coil that are easy to install and use! The new Eleaf GT coils in two different ohms, The GT M coil which is 0.6ohm and the other Eleaf GT Coil is 1.2ohms letting you vape in different wattages. The iJust MINI mod also has dual protection safety for children’s security and e-liquid leakage production, where you can replace your coil even when your tank is full!

Preorder the iJust MINI kit today and get 10% off!