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November 2022

Sub Ohm Vaping And Cloud Chasing Vaping | Eleaf USA

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Have you ever been shocked by the cloud produced when vaping? The vapers that seek big clouds are called cloud chasers. They utilize many methods to improve their clouds such as sub ohm vaping.

sub ohm vaping and cloud chasing vaping in eleaf usa vape online store

What is sub ohm vaping?

Vaping devices heat their coil of wire to produce the vaping cloud. The coil has various resistance. Sub ohm vaping applies less than one ohm to produce big clouds. More often than not, sub ohm devices require a battery that is able to offer 40w at least.

Best Sub-ohm Tank

eleaf GX sub ohm tank for eleaf isolo s kit in eleaf usa vape online shop

Eleaf GX Sub-ohm Tank is fit for Eleaf iSolo S Kit, a big cloud vape. And it has a 5ml e-liquid capacity that can satisfy your long-term use. Eleaf GX Tank is equipped with a brand new GX 0.2ohm/0.8ohm Coil, which can bring you a rich and abundant cloud.

Sub ohming benefits

Here are the main advantages of sub ohming. Let’s see what sub ohming brings to us except for bigger cloud.

Flavor: Sub ohming consumes much e-juice at one time, producing denser and more charming flavors. Some ordinary flavors taste amazing when you use the sub ohm vaping.

Warmer vapor: Another gift sub ohm brings to you is the warm vapor, which comes from the high-wattages and low-ohm coils of sub ohm devices.

More airflow: You have to set more airflow to cool down the higher heat produced by the coils.

What is cloud chasing vaping

What is cloud chasing vaping? Someone might have told you this vaping term. Cloud chasing is a vaping style aiming to blow the biggest vapor. Massed people around the world even hold cloud chasing games. To get bigger cloud, cloud chasers look for vape devices with low-resistance coils, good airflow, and high wattage. And sub ohm becomes necessary for cloud chasing.

How to get bigger clouds - 4 suggestions

In addition to sub ohm vaping, we have other 4 suggestions to get bigger cloud.

Use vape juice with higher VG: The vape juice you use makes a difference. PG included in vape juice gives more vapors. If you are chasing bigger clouds, choose vaping juice with 50/50 PG/VG or higher VG. And you should choose e-liquid with lower nicotine level to stay balanced since more clouds means more nicotine.

candy king vaping juice with different flavors and different nicotine levels in eleaf usa vape shop

Candy King vaping juice (100ml) delivers VG/PG: 70/30. With more VG than PG, the e-liquid is easier to produce bigger cloud. Besides, it offers 3 nicotine levels: 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG, so you can choose a proper nicotine level, lower than your usual.

Vaping method: You have to inhale fast and hard enough to get more vapors.

Power setting: You will get a bigger cloud when using a higher wattage mod. But you should not make a big change since adjusting the wattage will also increase the temperature.

Airflow setting: Keep the most open airflow setting. When the airflow is more open, more vapor will be produced. And more airflow means you can cool the coil adequately to prevent the burning of coils.

Nicotine Buzz: Everything about Nicotine Buzz | Eleaf USA

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You may be curious about the dizzy or calm feeling during vaping which usually occurs at the first hit of a day. This symptom is called Nicotine buzz or nic buzz by most vapers. Today, follow me to explore more about the nicotine buzz and gain more pleasure from vaping.

everything about nicotine buzz by eleaf usa vape online shop

What is a nicotine buzz?

Nicotine is a mild stimulant that causes nicotine buzz. When you vape to take in nicotine, it will release dopamine to send you a pleasant feeling and it will also release another pleasant chemical - serotonin to your body. Nicotine also tightens the blood vessels which causes headrush or calm.

The feelings of nic buzz are different. Some may gain more focus and concentration while others could be attacked with a headrush or buzz. More often than not, a small amount of nicotine is more like a stimulant, while it calms you down if you take in more.

How long does a nicotine buzz last?

Sometimes the vape buzz just disappears in only a few seconds. And for other vapers, the buzz feeling may last for 30 minutes or longer.

Nicotine buzz attacks you frequently when you are still a vape beginner. Some of them even choose vape juice with the wrong nicotine level, probably too high. When vape beginners vape e-liquid with an improper nicotine strength such as 5%, nicotine buzz and some serious symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and nausea may occur. If you want to know more about nicotine strength, check everything about nicotine strength.

As time flies by, it is more and more difficult for you to gain the nic buzz. Why does nicotine stop giving a buzz? The answer is your body gradually develops tolerance to nicotine.

How can I avoid nicotine buzz?

Indeed, we have to admit that headaches and nausea caused by nicotine buzz are not pleasant. How to stop the vape buzz?

Taking some exercises or walking is effective to stop the nicotine buzz. Exercise can clean the nicotine in your body and walking is able to reduce the headache produced by nicotine buzz.

Drinking more water is also necessary since nicotine dehydrates you. Drinking more water provides the water you lost during vaping and your body can expel nicotine with the water.

The final helpful suggestion is to choose a low or zero nicotine strength disposable vape or vape juice. Most disposable vape offers a 5% nicotine level, which is too high for some new vapers. If you do not grow dependent on nicotine, then 0% nicotine disposable such as Elf Bar BC5000 Rechargeable Disposable (0% Nicotine) is a good option. Elf Bar BC5000 Rechargeable Disposable Pod Device comes with 0% nicotine level and 13ml of pre-filled juice, which will give you roughly 5000 puffs.

elf bar bc5000 rechargeable disposable vape box with 0 nicotine with biggest black friday sales in eleaf us vape shop

How to get a nicotine buzz every time?

Vaping buzz is pleasant and attractive for some vapers. Are you looking for a way to regain the vape buzz once again? The only way to resume a nicotine buzz is to stop taking in nicotine for a period of time. Stopping vaping regularly is an amazing way to enjoy the vape buzz safely while do not develop a dependence on nicotine.

Why Is My Vape Leaking? Fixed! - Eleaf USA

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Does your vape leak or spit suddenly? The vape spitting juice or vape leaking not only wastes your e-liquid but also brings you potential danger. Why is my vape leaking? You may ask. Check 4 possible reasons for this vape leaking issue.

Why does my vape leak?

It is necessary to dig out the root of vape leaking. Here are some of the causes we find for your vape leaking problem.

  • Connection of vape tank. The connection of your tank might be loose and gives rise to the e-cig dripping or leaking issue.
  • Put it horizontally. If you carry or store your vape device horizontally all the time, the possibility of e-cigarette dripping will be increased.
  • Component of vape is damaged. Are your vape coil or other components damaged?
  • Improper vaping technique. Sometimes short and fast inhales might lead to vape spitting juice.

How to fix vape leaking

If you are suffering from the vape leaking issue and cannot find a workable solving method, here are some ways that you can try.

Clean vape coil and vape tank

Why is my vape leaking juice? This may be depended on how often you clean vape tank and vape coil. Your vape coil and vape tank are attached with e-juice residue and need cleaning or even replacement. Here is how to clean vape coil and vape tank.

Check vape components

Reassemble your vape and check all of its components. Is there any component of your vape broken and needs replacement? The O-ring is a ring set at the top and bottom of the vape tank. The damaged o-ring easily causes the vape leaking from the air hole. Just replace it with a new one.

Always keep your vape upright

Do you lay your vape horizontally for a long time? This has become one of the major reasons for vape leaking. Your vape tank is not designed for the horizontal position with vape juice inside. Remember to keep your vape vertically.

Change your vape style

You need to use a different way to inhale the vapor from smoking since smoking and vaping work differently. You can smoke quickly and shortly but you’d better vape smoother and longer. Learn how to vape MTL and DTL.

Examine the vape airflow hole

When you fill it with vape juice, keep the airflow hole closed. But when you inhale, make sure the airflow is open, allowing you to inhale easily and not make the vape leak.

Use a new vape kit

If the vape leaking problem is still there, try to change to an advanced vape kit to assure your security.

Best vape kit in 2022 - iJust D20 Vape Pen Kit

ijust d20 vape pen kit-the best vape pen in 2022 in eleaf usa vape shop

iJust D20 Vape Pen Kit is a new smartly designed refillable pod vape, featuring the easiest way of refilling of its kind. Available in both draw-activated and button-activated, iJust D20 gives you more options for your vaping preference. Loaded with a long-lasting 1500mAh battery for all-day use, iJust D20 offers three power modes and supports all coils from GTL series.

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Vaping Indoors: Is Vaping Allowed Indoors? - Eleaf USA

By CHN Warranty 3 months ago 37 Views No comments

If you plan to take pleasure in vaping indoors when the winter falls, you may need to check some influences of vaping indoors. And here is also how can we avoid any potential influence of vaping inside.

Is vaping allowed indoors given answers by eleaf usa online vape shop

Is vaping inside allowed?

In most countries on the earth, vaping indoors is allowed. In public places such as bars or restaurants, people do not stop you from vaping. But there are some locations where vaping inside is forbidden. You should figure it out by asking before you start to enjoy vaping.

Does vaping inside leave a smell?

Compared with smoking, vaping does not leave much smell. Most vape flavors are pleasant and the vaping indoors smell will not make people nearby feel bad. However, some

People are still sensitive to the odor produced by vaping. And vaping does leave a little smell on your clothes, and furniture.

A simple solution is to vape at an open window to avoid the lingering smell of vaping inside. Always ask about the feeling of people around in advance. Besides, simple cleaning can remove the vaping indoors smell from your clothes easily.

Does vaping inside damage walls?

Smoking traditional cigarettes will stain the wall and your furniture. Luckily, vaping does not destroy your house like smoking. You can find vaping indoors residue, but that only forms over a pretty long time and when you never do the basic cleaning for your house. Firstly, you can vape besides the window and open the door and window during and after vaping. Secondly, you can remove the possible vaping residue with a wet cloth.

Effects of vaping inside house for pets

Some animals may get anxious when they smell the vaping vapor. You should avoid vaping beside your pets to prevent their intake of nicotine. Most importantly, keep your vape pen or mods and e-juice away from your pets, making sure your pets can never reach them, because eating vape devices will bring fatal danger to your pets.

Verdict: is vaping inside okay?

It is okay to vape indoors, while it is never too polite to ask the opinion of others around. If you are considering the effects of vaping indoors including the smell, staining, as well as vaping and pets, you will be glad to find you do not cause any trouble from vaping indoors if you follow our advice above.

eleaf usa flasq pod mod kit in online vape shop near you

Cannot wait to start vaping in your cozy room? An advanced vaping device such as Eleaf FlasQ Pod Mod Kit will make it better! Eleaf FlasQ comes in a novel and unique flask-like shape, with solid all-metal body and ergonomic design. As an all-new pod mod vape, Eleaf FlasQ surpasses your expectations of airflow design in a 5ml pod with the added convenience of its push-pop coil replacement mechanism. You'll absolutely get satisfied with the vaping experience without any e-liquid leakage. FlasQ Pod accepts all GTL coils, helping to find the perfect flavor for you by playing with different ones.

Direct To Lung VS Mouth To Lung Vaping | Eleaf USA

By CHN Warranty 3 months ago 59 Views No comments

Different from smoking, vaping allows you to try different vaping styles and use different vape tricks to make the process of vaping more attractive. In general, most vapers apply Direct to Lung or Mouth To Lung. Here is a full guide for Direct to Lung VS Mouth To Lung.

MTL VS DTL in eleaf usa vape online shop

What is MTL vaping?

MTL stands for Mouth to Lung and is a generally used vaping style. MTL vaping style allows you to first inhale the vape vapor into your mouth and into your lung.

How to vape MTL: Take a smooth and long inhale of vapor. When the vapor arrives at your mouth, draw the vapor and some air into your lung. Then exhale the vapor.

What is DTL vaping?

DTL stands for Direct To Lung, which is another vaping style and is usually compared with MTL. To use DTL vaping, you inhale the vapor directly into the lung.

How to vape DTL: Do smooth, consistent and long inhale directly into the lung. Then exhale the vapor.

Mouth to Lung vaping pros and cons


MTL is easier for cigarette smokers.

MTL allows tasting more flavors when the vapor stays in your mouth.

The temperature of the vape device is not too high using MTL.


MTL vaping is weaker and less intense than DTL.

Direct To Lung vaping pros and cons


DTL creates a more intense feeling and bigger clouds.

DTL vape devices have adjustable airflow.

DTL gives you the same experience with a low nicotine level.


DTL is difficult for vape beginners and easily causes cough from vaping.

Mouth to lung vs direct to lung: which is the best?

Both MTL vs DTL have their own advantages and disadvantages. The experience of MTL vaping is quite similar to smoking, especially its throat-hitting feeling. And Mouth To Lung vaping style is easy and can be the perfect choice for most vaping beginners.

DTL vaping focus on the vapor while MTL vaping is more about the cloud. Moreover, DTL is considered a more advanced vaping style, while direct-to-lung might be a little difficult at first.

Best MTL vape and DTL vape

To best perform MTL or DTL vaping, selecting a dedicated vape device is a key step. MTL vape is usually portable and DTL vape needs enough power to make sure efficiency.

Tance Pod System Kit

Tance pod system kit with tiny and light design

Tance Pod System Kit with portable size has a tiny and light design that you can take it along in a pocket or bag and hide in your hand easily. Powered by an internal 580mAh battery, it adopts no fire button design, simple to operate, and the type-c charging which can provide you with a quick charge in a short time.

iStick P100 Pod 100W Kit

Powerful Istick P100 pod mod by eleaf usa vape online store

iStick P100 pod mod is a super powerful and performance Pod Mod device. Stable and reliable, making it the ideal choice for both beginner vapers and the more experienced user. With coils for both DL and Half-DL vaping, all in a compact device.

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