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Direct To Lung VS Mouth To Lung Vaping | Eleaf USA

By CHN Warranty 3 months ago 60 Views No comments

Different from smoking, vaping allows you to try different vaping styles and use different vape tricks to make the process of vaping more attractive. In general, most vapers apply Direct to Lung or Mouth To Lung. Here is a full guide for Direct to Lung VS Mouth To Lung.

MTL VS DTL in eleaf usa vape online shop

What is MTL vaping?

MTL stands for Mouth to Lung and is a generally used vaping style. MTL vaping style allows you to first inhale the vape vapor into your mouth and into your lung.

How to vape MTL: Take a smooth and long inhale of vapor. When the vapor arrives at your mouth, draw the vapor and some air into your lung. Then exhale the vapor.

What is DTL vaping?

DTL stands for Direct To Lung, which is another vaping style and is usually compared with MTL. To use DTL vaping, you inhale the vapor directly into the lung.

How to vape DTL: Do smooth, consistent and long inhale directly into the lung. Then exhale the vapor.

Mouth to Lung vaping pros and cons


MTL is easier for cigarette smokers.

MTL allows tasting more flavors when the vapor stays in your mouth.

The temperature of the vape device is not too high using MTL.


MTL vaping is weaker and less intense than DTL.

Direct To Lung vaping pros and cons


DTL creates a more intense feeling and bigger clouds.

DTL vape devices have adjustable airflow.

DTL gives you the same experience with a low nicotine level.


DTL is difficult for vape beginners and easily causes cough from vaping.

Mouth to lung vs direct to lung: which is the best?

Both MTL vs DTL have their own advantages and disadvantages. The experience of MTL vaping is quite similar to smoking, especially its throat-hitting feeling. And Mouth To Lung vaping style is easy and can be the perfect choice for most vaping beginners.

DTL vaping focus on the vapor while MTL vaping is more about the cloud. Moreover, DTL is considered a more advanced vaping style, while direct-to-lung might be a little difficult at first.

Best MTL vape and DTL vape

To best perform MTL or DTL vaping, selecting a dedicated vape device is a key step. MTL vape is usually portable and DTL vape needs enough power to make sure efficiency.

Tance Pod System Kit

Tance pod system kit with tiny and light design

Tance Pod System Kit with portable size has a tiny and light design that you can take it along in a pocket or bag and hide in your hand easily. Powered by an internal 580mAh battery, it adopts no fire button design, simple to operate, and the type-c charging which can provide you with a quick charge in a short time.

iStick P100 Pod 100W Kit

Powerful Istick P100 pod mod by eleaf usa vape online store

iStick P100 pod mod is a super powerful and performance Pod Mod device. Stable and reliable, making it the ideal choice for both beginner vapers and the more experienced user. With coils for both DL and Half-DL vaping, all in a compact device.

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