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How Much Does A Vape Cost? (2023 USA Price)| Eleaf US

By CHN Warranty 1 years ago 182 Views No comments

How much do vapes cost? Is it cheaper than smoking? How to save more on vaping? Probably these questions are cared about by most vapers. From this passage, we will walk you through the cost of vaping including vape kits, disposable vapes, vape coils, and vaping juice.

How much does a vape cost?

Compared with smoking, vaping is more cost-effective. You can find more details in our comparison of vaping vs smoking. That is because you can use your vape device for several years once you purchase one but cigarettes are disposable. How much a vape cost in 2023? Basically, you can buy vape pens from $20 to $50. Pod mods are priced from $15 to $50. Vape mods can be $30 or $100.

Vape pen: $20-$50

Vape Pod:$15-$50

Vape Mod:$30-$100

Disposable Vape: $10-$25

Besides, the vape coil is an accessory that needs to be replaced on a regular basis. Generally speaking, you replace the coil once a week. Thus, it costs you from $1 to $8 once a week.

What influence the cost of vapes

  • Vape battery capacity decides whether you can vape the whole day or you have to charge your vape device frequently. A vape with a higher mAh rating usually has a higher price.
  • Vape design will affect the price of vapes. Some vapes with specific colors are priced higher. Will you buy a vape kit solely for its design?
  • The vape device heats the e-juice via convection or conduction. And convection ones are more costly since you can control the temperature.

Cheap vapes under $40

Eleaf Mini iStick 20W Battery - $32.99

Mini iStick 20W Battery is upgraded from the first Mini iStick 10W to redefined Mini iStick 20W, powered by a built-in 1050mAh battery with USB Type-C, with a standard 510 thread on the top for use, perfectly fitted with various tanks with diameters no more than 16.5mm.

Mini istick

Eleaf iCare Flask Kit - $21.99

Eleaf iCare Flask Kit with palm size has a thin and light design. You can take it along in your pocket or bag and hide it in your hand easily. And it is only $21.99 (37% off) at Eleaf US vape shop.

eleaf icare flask oil kit in eleaf us vape shop

Cheap disposable vapes under $15

VAAL 4500M Synthetic Rechargeable Disposable Vape $12.99

Kangvape Onee Stick Disposable Vape Kit 1900 Puffs $11.99

Enou Bar Compak Disposable 6000 puffs Vape $13.99

HYPPE Max Flow Disposable 2000 Puffs $14.99

How much does vape juice cost?

If you prefer refilled disposables or general vapes, purchasing vape juice is necessary. Mostly, 30ml vape juice is $10-$20; 60ml e-juice is $15-$25. Vaping juice from different brands has different prices mainly due to the ingredients and the brand. If you want to save on e-juice, you can search for vape juice clearance. Eleaf also offer a long-term vape deal: Buy any 4 ejuice and get 10% off. Use code: JUICE.

Cheap vape juice

Pod Juice: $14.99 - $16.99. As one of the leading vaping juice brands, Pod Juice is pretty known for its nicotine salts. Here we carry 39 flavors of Pod Juice 30ml salts for you.

Pod Juice

Bantam e-juice: $12.99

How much do vape accessories cost?

In addition to vape juice and vape kit, there are some other necessary accessories such as vape coils, vape tanks, vape cleaners, vape protectors that can incredibly improve your vaping experience. How much do these vape accessories cost?

Vape coils: $1-$5

Vape tanks: $20–$40

Charging accessories: $3 - $35

Vape protectors: $5 - $25

Vape cleaners: $1-$10

3 tips to save on vaping

Purchase vape, e-liquid, and accessories during sales of vape stores such as Memorial Day Sale, and Christmas Sale. Or you can subscribe to these vape stores then you can get usually 15% off immediately.

Vaping juice is a constant cost for vapers. Except for buying vape juice during sales, DIYing vape juice by yourself will save a lot for vape pros.

Choose vape kits that have high quality from reliable vape brands such as Eleaf. Then you find they are more durable and will save you a lot!