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How to Inhale Vape Smoke Without Coughing? 6 Ways | Eleaf USA

By CHN Warranty 1 years ago 243 Views No comments

Cough while inhaling vape smoke is quite common. Some vapers still struggle to find a way to reduce cough and make their vaping more enjoyable. Here we collect some causes of cough from vaping and provide 6 proven ways to cope with this issue.

Why do you cough from vaping?

Generally, coughing from vaping may result from the wrong vaping method, improper e-liquid, vape pen, vape frequency, and some other issues.

Factor 1. If you just recently switch from smoking to vaping, it is quite common to cough from vaping. Your body needs time to get used to the new experience of vaping.

Factor 2. Inappropriate nicotine strength is another possible reason. Vapers need to find nicotine level of vaping juice that suits them best. Also, nicotine salts, one of vaping juice, are easier cause vape cough than regular nicotine e-liquid. Here is a complete guide for e-liquid nicotine level you can refer to.

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Factor 3. Improper vaping action or vaping device is another probable factor for coughing after vaping.

How to hit a vape pen without coughing?

Mostly, people will cough gradually when they are more familiar with vaping. And we also offer some suggestions to reduce cough.

Use proper vaping way

To stop coughing after vaping, you can try to use a different vaping way. Direct-to-lung vaping, a vaping way that brings strong feelings, is not suitable for beginners. Mouth-to-lung vaping is more suitable for you when you cough a lot during vaping.

Use vape starter kit

Never run before you can walk. Those advanced vape devices transfer nicotine to your body much faster, give your stronger feelings and cause cough easier.

Why not change to vape starter kits, which are designed for vape beginners? They are designed for creating a gentle vaping experience. As the latest member of the Eleaf iStick Amnis series, Eleaf iStick Amnis 3 with GS Drive Kit boasts a sleek and streamlined design with minimalist beauty. The internal battery of Eleaf iStick Amnis 3 has a capacity of 900mAh and adopts USB-C charging, leading to fast charging.

Eleaf iStick Amnis 3 with GS Drive Kit

Change vaping juice

Liquid with a high nicotine level is not a good choice for a new vaper and may produce cough and some other issues. You need to find the proper nicotine level when selecting any e-liquid. Also, you should also pay attention to what kind of e-liquid you purchase. Choosing the regular vaping juice if you cough a lot during vaping. Some vapers, who are sensitive to propylene glycol included in vaping juice, can choose vaping juice with low PG.

Drink water and vape less

How to hit a vape pen without coughing? Things can be easier than we imagine. Drinking some water ease your throat. Many elements of e-liquid make you lose water. Drinking some water during the inhale breaks helps reduce the cough. Moreover, stop for rest from time to time when vaping, which benefits both your lung and your vape device.

Change or clean vape coil and vape tank

The e-liquid residue accumulates on the vape coil and vape tank. If you do not clean or change them, the vapor containing carbonized elements will irritate the throats and destroy your vaping experience. Here you can learn how to clean vape coil and vape tank.

Adjust vape kit settings

The airflow setting of the vape device decides the size of the cloud and the cooling down. If you turn it too high, you could have to let more vapor in, and may cause harsh cough. Try to set it lower and check if this way works.