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Sub Ohm Vaping And Cloud Chasing Vaping | Eleaf USA

By CHN Warranty 4 months ago 43 Views No comments

Have you ever been shocked by the cloud produced when vaping? The vapers that seek big clouds are called cloud chasers. They utilize many methods to improve their clouds such as sub ohm vaping.

sub ohm vaping and cloud chasing vaping in eleaf usa vape online store

What is sub ohm vaping?

Vaping devices heat their coil of wire to produce the vaping cloud. The coil has various resistance. Sub ohm vaping applies less than one ohm to produce big clouds. More often than not, sub ohm devices require a battery that is able to offer 40w at least.

Best Sub-ohm Tank

eleaf GX sub ohm tank for eleaf isolo s kit in eleaf usa vape online shop

Eleaf GX Sub-ohm Tank is fit for Eleaf iSolo S Kit, a big cloud vape. And it has a 5ml e-liquid capacity that can satisfy your long-term use. Eleaf GX Tank is equipped with a brand new GX 0.2ohm/0.8ohm Coil, which can bring you a rich and abundant cloud.

Sub ohming benefits

Here are the main advantages of sub ohming. Let’s see what sub ohming brings to us except for bigger cloud.

Flavor: Sub ohming consumes much e-juice at one time, producing denser and more charming flavors. Some ordinary flavors taste amazing when you use the sub ohm vaping.

Warmer vapor: Another gift sub ohm brings to you is the warm vapor, which comes from the high-wattages and low-ohm coils of sub ohm devices.

More airflow: You have to set more airflow to cool down the higher heat produced by the coils.

What is cloud chasing vaping

What is cloud chasing vaping? Someone might have told you this vaping term. Cloud chasing is a vaping style aiming to blow the biggest vapor. Massed people around the world even hold cloud chasing games. To get bigger cloud, cloud chasers look for vape devices with low-resistance coils, good airflow, and high wattage. And sub ohm becomes necessary for cloud chasing.

How to get bigger clouds - 4 suggestions

In addition to sub ohm vaping, we have other 4 suggestions to get bigger cloud.

Use vape juice with higher VG: The vape juice you use makes a difference. PG included in vape juice gives more vapors. If you are chasing bigger clouds, choose vaping juice with 50/50 PG/VG or higher VG. And you should choose e-liquid with lower nicotine level to stay balanced since more clouds means more nicotine.

candy king vaping juice with different flavors and different nicotine levels in eleaf usa vape shop

Candy King vaping juice (100ml) delivers VG/PG: 70/30. With more VG than PG, the e-liquid is easier to produce bigger cloud. Besides, it offers 3 nicotine levels: 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG, so you can choose a proper nicotine level, lower than your usual.

Vaping method: You have to inhale fast and hard enough to get more vapors.

Power setting: You will get a bigger cloud when using a higher wattage mod. But you should not make a big change since adjusting the wattage will also increase the temperature.

Airflow setting: Keep the most open airflow setting. When the airflow is more open, more vapor will be produced. And more airflow means you can cool the coil adequately to prevent the burning of coils.