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How to Blow Smoke Rings? 5 Vape Tricks | Eleaf USA

By CHN Warranty 3 months ago 41 Views No comments

How do vapers do vape tricks including smoke rings so easily? Acquire these 5 vape tricks guides for doing vape tricks as easy as other vapers. They are all suitable for vape beginners!

5 vape tricks to teach you how to blow smoke rings by eleaf usa vape shop

How to blow smoke rings?

As one of the most popular vape tricks, the smoke o vape trick is not easy. So how to blow o rings? Only 3 steps!

Step 1. Have a deep inhale of vape and keep the vapor in your throat. Your tongue needs to be put at the bottom of the mouth as well as towards the back of the throat.

Step 2. Make sure your lip has the shape of an o.

Step 3. Make a short pulsing action with your throat to put out some vapor. This is just like a cough.

You can also make this smoke O vape trick more advanced: Get your jaw more outward to speed up the smoke ring. And get your tongue out of your mouth when you blow smoke O.

How should I do ghost vape trick?

It is not very difficult to do ghost vape trick. Follow these 2 steps to shock your friends:

Step 1. To make the cool ghost vape trick, take a drag and exhale all the vapor in a short time. Make sure the vapor comes out as a round ball.

Step 2. Inhale all the vapor back to your mouth and the ghost form during that process.

Some report they get coughs when trying this vape trick. If you always cough, learn how to inhale vape smoke without coughing.

How to do coolest vape trick - dragon vape trick?

This cool vape trick lets you vape like a dragon and that amazing effect will obviously shock all of your friends.

Step 1. Make a long inhale and do not inhale fully.

Step 2. Use your tongue or mouth to close the middle part of your mouth. Use the 2 sides of your mouth and your nose to exhale.

How to do waterfall vape trick?

Waterfall might be the easiest vape trick. If you are a beginner, you can try to do this first. And you will find you can acquire this vape trick within 10 minutes!

Step 1. Use a clean water bottle and pour some cold water inside. Exhale vapor to fill this water bottle.

Step 2. Pour the vapor out of the bottle to create the waterfall vape trick.

How to blow triangles vape smoke trick?

The triangles trick is the advanced version of the smoke ring vape trick. It needs some practice to do this vape trick successfully.

Step 1. Blow a thick smoke ring using the method introduced at the beginning of this post.

Step 2. Tap the 2 sides of this smoke ring to make it build a triangle shape. You need to do this fast and gently enough to avoid dispute it.

How to learn vape tricks faster?

Are you still struggling to learn these vape smoke tricks? To learn these vape tricks faster, a powerful vape kit is necessary. Using an advanced vape device such as IORE Prime Pod System Kit, you only need a little practice to compete with other vaping friends.

IORE prime pod system kit in eleaf usa vape store

Continuing the concept of simplicity of the IORE Series, Eleaf IORE PRIME comes in a brilliant elegant design and features an easy top-refilling solution. It supports two different mesh pods that heat up faster and delivers more enhanced flavor. The airflow control system on IORE PRIME allows you to customize your vaping experience. With its 900mAh battery, IORE PRIME will power you through the day.