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Vaping Pros and Cons: Everything You Should Know | Eleaf US

By CHN Warranty 1 years ago 185 Views No comments

pros and cons of vaping compared with smoking by eleaf us vape shop

As an alternative to smoking, vaping is considered as harmful and costly as smoking. People will be surprised when they hear any positive effects of vaping. This article presents a complete guide on vaping pros and cons.

Benefits of vaping

Quit smoking

Smoking is bad for your health and it is hard for most people to quit smoking. Considering the health benefits of vaping vs smoking, more smokers would like to vape rather than smoke. In recent years, many smokers try to quit smoking by vaping and many of them succeed. If you are trying to quit smoking, why not try to vape, in a healthier way? Besides, vaping will not stain your teeth. Thus, this can be one of the main positive effects of vaping.

Smell better

Smoking will make you and even your clothes smell bad and the best perfume cannot change it. But vaping will help you avoid the embarrassment. Vape e-liquid provides flavors like sweet desert, fresh fruits, or mint, which smell awesome, and save the money for perfume for you.

Bantam offers these overwhelming flavors: Upstate Almond Cream, South Beach Strawberry, Tart Lemon, and more from 30ml to 100ml. You can get Bantam e-juice with 27% off at Eleaf US vape shop now.

bantam e-liquid with almond cream, south beach strawberry and tart lemon flavor in eleaf us

More choices

You have endless choices for vaping juice flavors, vape kits, and vape disposables, that will bring you different vaping experiences. What’s more, vape brands struggle to create brand new flavors and provide new flavors for vapers from time to time.

Less cost

Compared with smoking, vaping benefits everyone with regard to the cost. The vape kit is not disposable so you can use it for years with good maintenance. Even if you start with disposable vapes, vaping will not cost too much since most disposable vapes are low-cost.

High-quality but cheap vape suggestion

Eleaf elven pod system kit in eleaf us vape store

Eleaf Elven Pod - $11.99 (40% off) is a new sleekly designed pod vape by Eleaf, having beautiful and durable metallic finishes. You will get different air inflows from the Elven by inserting its cartridge into the battery in two ways. This pod features an easy side-fill solution and is leakage-free.

Control nicotine

For good things about vaping, the control for nicotine cannot be dismissed. You have full control of the nicotine taken in via vaping. E-liquid brands offer vape juice from all levels and even 0 nicotine e-liquid. Most vapers will start from a correspondingly high level and then gradually to low nicotine levels even 0 nicotine e-liquid.

No secondhand smoke

Some researchers insist that there is no evidence that proves vaping will release secondhand smoke. This might be a vape advantage, whereas you still need to vape in the proper situation.

Cons of vaping

Health risk

Although vaping is safer than smoking, it still has some potential dangers. The e-cigarette is created in recent decades, so we do not have enough scientific experiments and research to completely know everything about vaping and its effects. At least, currently, we know vaping will cause itchy throat, dry mouth, cough, and other harmful effects on your body.

vaping cons and pros concluded by eleaf us vape shop

Incur non-smokers

With cool appearance and sweet flavors, vaping incurs plenty of non-smokers and even teens. Many of them are not clear about vaping and get addicted to vaping once they have a try.