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Why Is My Vape Leaking? Fixed! - Eleaf USA

By CHN Warranty 2 months ago 41 Views No comments

Does your vape leak or spit suddenly? The vape spitting juice or vape leaking not only wastes your e-liquid but also brings you potential danger. Why is my vape leaking? You may ask. Check 4 possible reasons for this vape leaking issue.

Why does my vape leak?

It is necessary to dig out the root of vape leaking. Here are some of the causes we find for your vape leaking problem.

  • Connection of vape tank. The connection of your tank might be loose and gives rise to the e-cig dripping or leaking issue.
  • Put it horizontally. If you carry or store your vape device horizontally all the time, the possibility of e-cigarette dripping will be increased.
  • Component of vape is damaged. Are your vape coil or other components damaged?
  • Improper vaping technique. Sometimes short and fast inhales might lead to vape spitting juice.

How to fix vape leaking

If you are suffering from the vape leaking issue and cannot find a workable solving method, here are some ways that you can try.

Clean vape coil and vape tank

Why is my vape leaking juice? This may be depended on how often you clean vape tank and vape coil. Your vape coil and vape tank are attached with e-juice residue and need cleaning or even replacement. Here is how to clean vape coil and vape tank.

Check vape components

Reassemble your vape and check all of its components. Is there any component of your vape broken and needs replacement? The O-ring is a ring set at the top and bottom of the vape tank. The damaged o-ring easily causes the vape leaking from the air hole. Just replace it with a new one.

Always keep your vape upright

Do you lay your vape horizontally for a long time? This has become one of the major reasons for vape leaking. Your vape tank is not designed for the horizontal position with vape juice inside. Remember to keep your vape vertically.

Change your vape style

You need to use a different way to inhale the vapor from smoking since smoking and vaping work differently. You can smoke quickly and shortly but you’d better vape smoother and longer. Learn how to vape MTL and DTL.

Examine the vape airflow hole

When you fill it with vape juice, keep the airflow hole closed. But when you inhale, make sure the airflow is open, allowing you to inhale easily and not make the vape leak.

Use a new vape kit

If the vape leaking problem is still there, try to change to an advanced vape kit to assure your security.

Best vape kit in 2022 - iJust D20 Vape Pen Kit

ijust d20 vape pen kit-the best vape pen in 2022 in eleaf usa vape shop

iJust D20 Vape Pen Kit is a new smartly designed refillable pod vape, featuring the easiest way of refilling of its kind. Available in both draw-activated and button-activated, iJust D20 gives you more options for your vaping preference. Loaded with a long-lasting 1500mAh battery for all-day use, iJust D20 offers three power modes and supports all coils from GTL series.

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